Self-Exclusion Policy

Playing video games can be a fun part of a balanced life, but DoubleDown Interactive recognizes that there can be too much of a good thing. We want to ensure we’re providing you with a safe, enjoyable experience; that includes empowering you with the ability to permanently exclude yourself from our games. This Self-Exclusion Policy explains how you can implement this type of change, and how this change will impact your ability to access DoubleDown Interactive games in the future.

Please read this policy carefully. If you have questions after reading this policy, please reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance.

Regardless of your reason — for example, you may be struggling to exercise control over your gameplay, your gameplay may be having a negative effect on your life, or you simply no longer wish to have a DoubleDown Interactive account — you can contact our Customer Service team at any time to request that your account be banned. The Customer Service team will promptly action your request, no questions asked. Once implemented, your access to the app will be blocked.

Please note that all account bans are permanent, regardless of whether you proactively requested that your account be banned, or a ban was imposed on your account at the discretion of DoubleDown Interactive. There are no exceptions to this permanent ban status.

Once a ban has been implemented, DoubleDown Interactive will continue to take reasonable steps in the future, in accordance with our policies, to ban any new accounts you create if and when we are able to connect those new accounts to you.

To set temporary limits on your gameplay and/or the money you spend, please see Limit the Money You Spend for more information.

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