1st social casino publisher
1st to leverage land-based casino slot game content
1st to introduce social slot tournaments
Top 3 social casino game for the past four consecutive years
Top 20 grossing mobile games on Apple App Store since 2015


To be one of the world’s leading gaming companies by providing differentiated content and unique player experiences across all our games

Our Values
1. INNOVATION We love games; that’s why we make them for a living. We understand that the gaming industry moves quickly, so keeping our content fresh and engaging is key. To maintain our relevance, we stay in touch with the current trends and follow the industry. Our goal is not just to get more players, but to create dedicated fans who love what we do. For that to happen, we need to stand out and be ready to evolve in every area of our business.
2. CULTURE DDI employees put the player first and create experiences that spark fun all over the world. We excel when we embrace cultural diversity, creativity, technology, hard work, and play. We know that work and fun go hand in hand; that is why we take pride in celebrating our successes with fun events and outings while making work and play regular parts of our day. Our company culture is strongest when we come together to serve our community, which in turn is a big win for all.
3. RESULTS At DoubleDown, we constantly strive for excellence. We know our business performs best when our execution is top notch, when we’ve put in the planning, commitment, and follow through needed to create a winning product. We aim for the best results in every project and learn from each task we complete. DDI is part of an evolving industry, which means stagnancy is not in our vocabulary. To grow, we need to be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice, to make leaps, and to pick ourselves up.
4. COLLABORATION DoubleDown is a top game company. What sets us apart and makes our company unique is the set of skills each person at DDI brings to the table. In order to ensure we’re utilizing these skills, we need to actively practice two-way communication: seeking out collaboration and speaking with honesty and respect. Working together helps strengthen our understanding of each other’s expertise, which in turn helps deepen our appreciation for our colleagues. When we work together, we grow as individuals and as a company.
5. CRAFT Each DDI employee comes to the table with their own unique combination of knowledge, skills, and expertise. We’re creators, innovators, and designers—similar in passion but different in perspective. We take pride in our work and use our skills to make DoubleDown the best it can be. By improving our craft, taking risks, and sharing our discoveries, we hope to inspire our teammates throughout the organization. We’re not afraid to always strive for new heights and to constantly seek improvement, and we take pride when we do great work. When we have fun creating our games, our players have fun playing them.
Our Story


Founded DoubleDown Interactive and launched DoubleDown Casino on Facebook


4th most user recommended Facebook game


Acquired by IGT and launched DoubleDown Casino on Apple and Google


Achieved 50 million + cumulative installs


$1 billion+ cumulative revenue and Top 20 gaming app


Acquired by DoubleU Games and launched DoubleDown Classic and Ellen’s Road to Riches


Launched DoubleDown Fort Knox


Launched Undead World: Hero Survival

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